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With the heaviest of hearts... WE ARE CLOSED - hopeful of being back OPEN soon

On behalf of Kevin, Mark, Vanessa and myself, it is with the saddest of news that as of midday today, Monday March 23rd 2020, SK8House will be closing its doors for the first time in the rink's 25+ year's history.

We are obviously devastated that it has come to this and something that we have never envisaged. However, with the growing numbers of COVID-19 the shut down was inevitable to protect what is ultimately more important.. the lives of many. We are still reeling with shock at how quickly this has happened and has not given us an opportunity to give you any notice. However, this is way beyond our control. This is not only a crisis for us, but will impact many families within our community as more jobs and businesses are effected by this virus. We are sincerely sorry that we could not do more to keep our staff employed. We are hoping that this is a short time only and the number of new cases reduce enough that we can be open again very soon and have our SK8HOUSE community back together. Bernadine, Kevin, Mark & Vanessa

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