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The Families behind the Sk8house Family!

11th October 2020

The success of every business is not only being in the RIGHT TIME and the RIGHT PLACE - but also the driving PASSION of the owners. This can often be what makes or breaks a business.

SK8HOUSE is just that. We are 3 families that came together to build on the foundations of a 25-year-old roller rink. Bernadine & Kevin Geary were first of the current owners to buy into this rink in 2015 with their then business partner, Jayson Sutcliffe. The three gave this rink its first major facelift and changed the name to SK8HOUSE. After Jayson departed to pursue other interests, Mark Hodges and Vanessa Hammond joined the business. Together the partners haven’t looked back since.

This business is a true 'family affair' with the Geary, Hodges and Hammond kids involved in the rink as skaters, coaches or employees - as well as some long-term employees that date back to the day the rink opened!

Mark is a very familiar face having been the Rink Manager since it first opened in the mid 90’s. Originally known as Peninsula Skateworld, Mark saw the rink thrive during its heydays of the 90’s while supporting his two sons as inline speed skaters. Mark’s daughter, Steph is a regular at the rink helping out in the café as well as stepping up to the microphone to belt out some great tunes. You can see Mark everywhere at the rink from general upkeep, painting walls, etc to managing our Friday and Saturday night sessions.

Vanessa joined the team after retiring from her banking days, bringing with her some fabulous management skills and a smile to match. Vanessa’s daughter, Brittany joined Sk8house not long after including coaching in our beginner and bronze classes. Brittany has become an amazing dance coach at the rink taking on some wonderful little skaters with lots of potential. Vanessa and her family are well known for their amazing decorations, which helped kick start some of our now infamous theme nights.

And lastly, there is Kevin & Bernadine. Kevin was practically born on skates and Bernadine joined him, to form a dance couple, 10 years ago. Both their kids, Yasmin and Harry, followed suit - both competing at international level in artistic and speed skating. Bernadine and Kevin have a passion for skating and had a vision for this rink from the day they bought it, just 5 years ago.

The rink has expanded into its own brand with the SK8HOUSE Sk8shop taking off, in particular during COVID. Kevin is always on the end of the phone or online to help you with your skates as well as going that extra mile and doing personal deliveries. Bernadine and Kevin want SK8HOUSE to be a household name, one that you associate with genuine good old-fashioned family fun. A place where you can feel safe knowing that everyone is going to have a great time. Vanessa and Mark share this vision. With these four at the helm they have been able to go a long way toward achieving this vision!

We look forward to seeing you all soon - rocking & rolling in our house, SK8HOUSE


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